Ms 10838 power steering fluid

The Terminator universe is compelling for so many reasons, but fans of that universe seem divided (and/or emotional) about what it actually is. I just wanted to touch on that and offer a perspective that we can (hopefully) all agree on.

2023.06.10 20:02 SlowCrates The Terminator universe is compelling for so many reasons, but fans of that universe seem divided (and/or emotional) about what it actually is. I just wanted to touch on that and offer a perspective that we can (hopefully) all agree on.

I myself have been critical of James Cameron's writing and directing perceived contradictions and paradoxes into the movies, and I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to sway people away from their adoration of the various grandfather paradoxes throughout. But in the end, I realized that two important things are true, for better or worse:

James Camerson is on record saying that the story of The Terminator is a time loop, and doesn't much care for getting into the technicalities of it (Go to 6:34), but he leans on the idea of "superposition" where all of the rest of the hypothetical timelines exist simultaneously, but then vanish once one timeline prevails (somehow). The power in that statement is worth keeping in mind when you also consider the fact that, as a director and the OG of the IP, he can dictate which timeline that is whenever he wants.
He can wave away all of the sequels, including Dark Fate. Or, he can embrace all of them, even Sarah Connor Chronicles, and refer to them as alternate timelines, and until he says otherwise, we'll have to accept it.
Having this realization put me at peace with how powerless I felt over what I thought was lazy writing. It's not that it's lazy writing, it's very focused writing, just not on technicalities. He tells human stories with primal triggers laced throughout, enthralling us, taking us on a ride. He's an entertainer, not a scientist.
With that awareness, we know we're not going to get a very technical movie that spends a significant amount of dialog or plot on explaining how things work. We're just not. And for good damn reason -- any time Arnold waxes poetically about quantum field variations or nexus points in time flows, I think everyone in the theater becomes narcoleptic. I know I do. Show us, don't tell us.
So, to settle debates that have been raging in this sub for a long time: Are there paradoxical time loops in The Terminator? Yes. Can they be broken? Yes. That's all we know for sure. Any creative writer with some knowledge of science can connect any of the dots that he or she wants, and if Cameron liked it, he could make a movie out of it. Everything could be a simulation taking place in Skynet's imagination. Sarah could be the first digitally copied human, living in a nightmare loop. There is no "before" and "after" in the Terminator, there's just The Terminator Universe, and anything (hypothetically) goes.
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2023.06.10 19:51 Eskerna_Luka The harmful side of the LGBTQ+ movement (very long post, take time).

Me and my friends have been studying and interacting with the LGBTQ+ offline and online for years. This article sums up our views towards some LGBTQ+-related issues. However, before coming to address that, I must insist on taking this position of mine without presuming that I am victimizing myself or intentionally unjustly painting the LGBTQ+ movement as a whole in bad image. The reason for this is that the people who instantly jump into such conclusions are also parts of the problem I am going to talk about. This post is going to be political (not American politics or online teenage banter), so if you are not happy to dwell into this area, decide for yourself before continuing.
Firstly, I would like to point out how oversexual many LGBTQ+ members are. By this, I do not mean that they must not argue for their rights, nor do I mean that every conversation they talk is about LGBTQ+ rights. Some people would take that as a reason to say the LGBTQ+ is forcing LGBTQ+ to their throats, but I do not think so. Our (me and my pals) problem is that almost every conversation which these LGBTQ+ folks participate in, they bring up wild sex without any sort of manner. Although they are not provoking us or something, neither is it that me and the fellers do not enjoy sex and attempt to find out the best methods for the finest sex, but we do not treat our daily life as mere sex. I also understand some non-LGBTQ+ people do talk about sex as much as these folks I mentioned, but not in my country, and my environment.
Here is the tricky part. For the person reading this, you must understand that whether or not a person is open to sexual conversations is, especially if you are from Europe or the United States, you may be completely fine, or mostly fine with having such talks daily. You believe that behavior is just, which I understand, that is your culture. I am not from the West, me and the folks are from what Western commenters enjoy calling the "third world." We have a different culture from the West, pretty much every other nation has different cultures from the West. Even the West has different cultures from other Western countries. So what you think as just might not be just for other countries. For example, if in your country, having a lot of body counts is a virtue while not in another country, you are obligated to respect that. For us, it is not just at all to have such an unregulated amount of sexual comments during the chatter. This is also a fact for everything other than sex, which I feel that a lot of people cannot grasp.
Unaccusingly speaking, the LGBTQ+ movement originates from the West. There, LGBTQ+ people are open to sex alongside a bunch of other stuff other cultures condemn. They talk about sex freely, and enjoy it freely. You can find a lot of articles from LGBTQ+ writers promoting sex and sexual styles. I understand, you do you in your country. The point is that Western powers colonized my country during the colonial era and it was also them who introduced the prostitutes and sexualized our women, as well as breaking our traditions and suppressing our religions and beliefs, while importing that of the West. The whole deal with the LGBTQ+ members in my country being too open towards sex seems a bit too familiar, considering the entirety of their lives surrounds what people from Western countries do. It is always "Western people do that, let us do that too." On LGBTQ+ subreddits, it is also very common for writers to condemn nations who have an apparently less open approach towards the LGBTQ+ movement. We can see a pattern of what the elites of a certain LGBTQ+ community have been attempting.
However, Western or not, globalization is happening and it is not only the West's culture that is affecting ours. We have viewed this through the lens of the struggle between nations, and it is only the matter of whether or not the readers of this post has done the same before coming to conclusions.
Secondly, it happens to an amount of LGBTQ+ people that somehow they are the center of the universe. Again, this is not meant to say that they do not have the right to address their oppression, however, I do believe this is both common for my country and the world that some LGBTQ+ folks are too egoistic for society's good. What I am trying to make clear is that, for example, my friend has been asked by a gay man whether or not he would want to date a gay man. He said no, and in a conversation with me, this gay person said my friend was just being jealous of not being as manly as he is. LGBTQ+ supporter pals also seem to cherish this guy's thoughts.
When men disagree with LGBTQ+ agendas, it is common for them to receive insults that they "are not a real man" from the community. When women do that, they also receive similar insults. It is a hypocrisy to fight for gender and sexual equality and liberation, but consider oneself the only true and just, while the others are mere barbarians looking for enlightenment.
Thirdly, a few LGBTQ+ sexual harassers have been rather more creepy than the average non-LGBTQ+ creeps, and they know how to take advantage of the LGBTQ+ movement. For instance, a few months ago, my middle-aged male colleague once was almost taken advantage of by a young male "genderfluid" person. It was at the end of the shift, and we were going home for lunch to prepare for the afternoon shift. I heard a lot of shouting voices from the department he worked in. It turned out that this genderfluid individual came to him and asked to have sex with him. He, of course, as much as he respected our culture and his duty to his wife and children, refused. The gender fluid person then grabbed his arm and insisted on having sex. My colleague, again, calmly said no. The other person had a breakdown and started calling my colleague a creep who been creeping on them for a long time. Other people heard the shouting and surrounded them. Insults were beginning to be thrown towards my colleague, a few people even went so far as to push my colleague around. It was only until the guards came that the truth was told. That genderfluid person did not come to work that afternoon. Our boss came to us and asked for what happened, he showed us screenshots of the genderfluid person claiming that we ganged up on him, sexually harassed him, insulted him, and attacked him physically. When our boss showed us the chat, the person has already unsent all of their messages.
This behavior is, to be honest, not uncommon at all. Online LGBTQ+ members and supporters have the same behavior when their agendas are questioned, or people dislike certain traits of their personalities, or when their wrongdoings are justly brought out to the light. Celebrities like Erza Miller have had similar breakdowns. Even certain United States politicians do that. Breakdowns are common for rude and egoistic people, but when gender, sexuality and a gender-based political movement is used as the justification, it is a much greater problem. Some people say such behaviors are understandable, because they root in the LGBTQ+'s oppression and mental health problems caused by abuse. That argument is but sophism.
Last but not least, it strikes us that certain parts of the pro-LGBTQ+ arguments usually found on online articles are misleading at best. For example, three years ago, movement supporters focused on attempting to prove that being an LGBTQ+ person was a biological necessity, however, a lot of LGBTQ+ members have now considered it to be simply a choice. In fact, it is a choice. Some members of the older generations also have sexual urges the LGBTQ+ have. However, they still decide to be the traditional male-female, male-to-female, and female-to-male. Supporters claim our parental generations are usually male-female only because the LGBTQ+ was more oppressed back then. However, this argument presumes that the older generations feel oppressed for not having the right to be the LGBTQ+, which is a fallacy.
It is a matter of fact that many people only become the LGBTQ+ after they have seen articles, or heard other people, or seen members of the movement promoting it. People usually adopt lifestyles they consider new, alien and exotic. In this day and age, that mentality is even more prominent than ever. It should not be hard to understand that lots of people only adopt LGBTQ+ lifestyles after they have seen it. This is not to mention that lots of teens and children are being groomed to become parts of the LGBTQ+ too.
Supporters give the argument that the media helps LGBTQ+ people find out their sexuality and gender. However, this argument makes the assumption that people are already LGBTQ+, which is also a fallacy. While there are a few (in contradiction to the numerous LGBTQ+ folks claiming to be nowadays) people who do have certain feelings leaning towards an LGBTQ+ lifestyle, as I have said, they can choose. In conclusion, the articles are not intended to "help" people "find out" anything, rather, they are written to lead people to adopt the intended sexuality and gender.
Another point to give is how some individuals only seem to have become more sensitive, felt upset, or go so far as to get depressed over gender issues after they have seen the media presenting them in such light. While it is true that a lot of people are harassed for being parts of the movement, however, if you pay attention, it is evident that the media has been influencing people to adopt extreme feelings. Notice the words that are used, the statistics, the images, the stories, the so-called evidences. Most articles are but designed.
That is all we have to say. You tell us what you think in the comment.
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2023.06.10 19:47 Kradool Is this a good build?

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2023.06.10 19:46 Warm-Bet-9408 XG Mobile for Handheld?

Anyone got some hands on experience and want to chime in?
Use case I’m imagining:
I am a truck driver and have a lot of down time in the drivers or passenger seat (often picking up extra work in a daycab without a sleeper to mount a TV) I have access to power and was intending on using it plugged in on Turbo+ mainly.
Obviously with a steering wheel and dashboard a external monitor in a more traditional mode is a bit impractical so if I decided to get the XGMobile I would likely use the device in handheld.
My concerns are if the device would get uncomfortable with what I imagine pretty demanding loads and with how short the cable is for the XG Mobile is this even practical.
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2023.06.10 19:46 Kitchen_Accident_ Interferone and Glatiramer acetat the only options for CIS in Germany?

Hi all, This is my first ever post on Reddit. As you can see I am willing to try everything in my power to avoid a new lesion 😄
I was recently diagnosed as CIS. I had one optis neuritis event in November 2022. I was recovered in the hospital for 5 days and took cortisol. The hospital report mentioned no lesions in brain and spine and no finding from my lumbar puncture. Fast forward 6 months to my routine control MRI, the radiologist who was comparing the new MRI with the ones taken from the hospital mentioned that in fact I had a lesion in a typical MS area in my brain since the hospital MRI. ( Apparently someone at the hospital missed it?) This was confirmed from my neurologist as well, who diagnosed me as CIS and said that I still do not fullfill the dissemination in time and space criteria for MS. I am located in Germany and the only option I have is to take Interferone or Glatiramer acetat. The neurologist also said that even if I have another lesion/get an official MS diagnose she would still not get me on a high efficiency DMT. This is what scared me the most.
I have a family friend who is a MS specialist and who reviewed all my data and stated that in US he would have put me on Ovrevus already. It seems like Germany and US have a different approach (low efficacy vs high efficiency DMT first).
Is there anyone in this group that maybe has already found a neurologist in Germany who is more open to discuss other options? Also, if someone can recommend a good neurologist I would be willing to move anywhere within Germany. I work remotely so I am flexible. Additionally, is there another EU country that gives you options of high efficiency DMTs if you are CIS or on early MS stages? I might get my work to help me relocate within EU.
Thank you very much for reading. This community has provided emotional support since my CIS diagnosis and a lot of useful links to educate myself!
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2023.06.10 19:41 BaronVonGoon Civic power steering fluid completely leaked out all of a sudden

Good afternoon,
2010 Civic DXG Coupe.
Reversed out of my driveway and suddenly ALL the power steering fluid leaked out. Leak location under the car is pretty much under the steering wheel.
Any idea what the issue is? Rust causing a hole or maybe leak in a line? Also, any idea about cost for a job like this?
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2023.06.10 19:29 otpid Is there any way to test if I installed the end links correctly?

Worked under my car for the first time ever. A little bit of patchwork to extend the life of the power steering hose and CV boots, but mostly upgrading my almost gone sway bar end links with new Moog ones (The removal gave me mountains of pain). Now that I have put back everything together, I have this thought in the back of my mind what it I didn't do something correctly due to my complete lack of experience. I couldn't torque the end links up to spec because there was no way I could fit my torque wrench in there, so I just snugged it up with a battery impact driver. Everything seemed tight.
Is there any way to tell while driving if everything is working as they should? Any symptoms to look out for of a improper install?
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2023.06.10 19:04 storiesof-adreamer 25 [F4M] #Nashville/USA - Looking for my special subby boyfriend for a GFD long term relationship!

(If this post is still up, I'm still looking!)
Hey there. I really want to develop a female led/slight gentle femdom relationship with a special guy.
When a lot of men see the term "female led relationship," they think, "Oh, the woman will make all the decisions with no input on what I think/want."
Are there dynamics like that? I'm sure there is. Personally, I'm not looking to be "the boss" or "above" you in any way. I want us to be equal... but have you give up control to me in a few other ways. :)
What do I mean? Keep reading on!
You can call me Dreamer for now. (I'll tell you my real name once we get to know each other) Please do NOT call me Miss, Master, Dominatrix or Ma'am.
I'm 25 years old and an INFJ-T. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (AKA Music City) and I'm on Central Standard Time. I'm a Black woman and I stand 5 feet, 7 inches tall. My eyes are brown and I wear glasses. I don't have any tattoos or piercings at the moment.
One thing I want to mention is that I'm plus size, AKA a bigger girl. I'm undergoing a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in two months to lose the excess weight I have in a sustainable and permanent way. I'm ready to regain my body and be healthy and confident again. I'd love to have you by my side throughout my journey!
As far as personality goes, I'd describe myself as empathetic and sweet. I like to help others as much as I can. In person, I tend to be rather shy at first. People tend to mistake that for weakness or gullibility. I'm anything but; my strength lies in introspection and quiet observation. I notice every nuance of a person's actions, words, body language, vibe... my intuition hasn't steered me wrong yet!
I won't go into detail on every single interest that I have but I'll talk about my biggest ones that you'll likely hear me mention the most.
I've been writing since I was six years old, but I started taking it seriously around 13 years old. All in all, it's been 19 years. As of right now, I primarily write Fanfiction but in the past, I've written short stories, poetry and I even tried to learn how to write screenplays at one point.
I wrote my first full-length book in 2018/2019. I started the sequel in early 2020, but I'm still working on it. I lost a LOT of inspiration during the pandemic but I'm finally writing for it again.
If you also enjoy writing, I'd love to "talk shop" with you and maybe we can exchange some of our past works.
Music has gotten me through a lot over the years. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone says that. But it truly has. It's shaped my life and introduced me to a lot of things and people that I probably never would've done or met otherwise.
There's no point in saying I like xyz genre because I've listened to pretty much everything. The only ones I truly hate are country and gangster rap. If you want specifics, though... I've been a HUGE twenty one pilots fan for 9 years. (I have more merch, stickers and other random shit than I care to admit to lmao) I also love other artists like Amber Run, Purity Ring, Phantogram, Daughter, Lorde, OneRepublic... plus tons more.
I've always had this dumb idea of a guy and I confessing to each other through playlists with songs that make us think fondly about each other...
God, I'm single.
I've been into photography for 10 years and I've had my DSLR for eight years. (It's definitely the camera version of 'Ol Reliable) I enjoy nature and portrait photography. I'd love to show you some of my work and get your thoughts on it.
TV genres I like: Animation (like Spongebob), comedy, drama, documentaries (disaster and crime ones are my favorites), true crime (like Forensic Files), old sitcoms (like Sanford and Son) and cooking and baking competitions/reality TV (like Kitchen Nightmares US and UK, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, The Great British Baking Show, etc)
Movie genres I like: Animation, drama, comedy, action, psychological thrillers and science fiction. I thoroughly loved The Greatest Showman so one could say I like musicals but it's the only one I've seen so not sure if that really counts. Comic book movies are pretty alright too, but I really haven't seen anything past the first Avengers movie lmaooooo.
I say this as unpretentiously as possible, but I haven't seen most popular TV shows or movies that your average person likes. I think the last "popular" thing I watched was that Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix. (mainly out of morbid curiosity because everyone was freaking out about it... and because I think Evan Peters is a cutie) I only saw a few episodes and then forgot to watch the rest of it, but it wasn't as horrific as everyone was saying. Maybe I've watched too much Forensic Files and I'm desensitized lmao.
✨️Video and computer games✨️
Video game genres I like: Adventure, action-adventure, RPGs & JRPGs, Strategy... basically anything that is relatively fun and not horror related.
Some of my all-time favorites: Kingdom Hearts II, Ratchet and Clank, Journey, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.
As far as computer games, the only thing I play on a regular basis is The Sims 2 and The Sims 4. As a kid, I loved simulator and time-management games; some old favorites are the RCT series, Simcity: Rush Hour, the first four Diner Dash games, the Delicious series and Burger Shop 2 (which I still have on my computer actually lmao)
✨️Other random interests✨️
Art, traveling, people watching, researching random topics on Wikipedia and watching YouTube, especially channels with old shows and movies.
My last position was working nights at a psychiatric hospital. I'm looking for something new at the moment.
I'm officially a college student at 25. Yay! Feel free to ask me more about it, I'd love to talk.
I really love dogs and cats. I have three cats and they're little demons but I love them to death. I also love small animals like ferrets, bunnies and snakes!
My main love languages are words of affirmation, quality time and gift giving/receiving. To be honest, though, there's elements of each language that I enjoy or relate to in one way or another.
I don't smoke and I drink every so often. Otherwise, I'm vaccinated and DDF.
I'm looking for a guy between the ages of 23-33 years old. I might be willing to talk to someone within two years in either direction (so 21 min and 35 max) if you meet all my other preferences/wants. If you're younger than 21 or older than 35, though, please don't contact me.
Please be single and emotionally available. I won't interact with anyone already in a relationship or married (even if you're separated or in a "dead bedroom," you're STILL married) and I'm especially not interested in poly/ENM. I'm 100% monogamous.
Hair is super important to me! I prefer medium length to long hair, something I can stroke and play with a lot lmao.
I have a REALLY big soft spot for blue and/or doe eyes, but don't let that deter you. If you have kind eyes, I'll fall in love with them, no matter their color!
I tend to like softer facial features and even softer personalities. Are you super masculine in public but a total softie in private? Lovely! Are you less masculine but a little more feminine? Great! Are you androgynous or otherwise fall somewhere in between? I can dig it!
Key traits that I like in a guy include, but are not limited to: Being sweet, gentle, empathetic, considerate, an active listener, exceptional at communication and willing to go the extra mile for those that you love, be it family, friends, your partner, etc.
With that being said, it's important that you have time for me. I'm not expecting us to talk 24/7 but if you're always too busy to talk to me, this won't work. At some point, I'd like for us to also talk on the phone as our schedules permit, of course.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, please be from the USA/North America and willing to meet and get to know each other in person ASAP.
It's important to me that you're an active listener; what I mean is that you'll make an effort to listen to what I have to say and respond to it accordingly. If I tell you my thoughts on a matter or ask you a question or give you a compliment etc etc, please respond to it. It makes me feel so sad and small if I feel like my thoughts or opinions are not important/relevant.
I can tell pretty quickly if someone is genuinely interested in me or not. Like I said before, I notice everything lol.
I mentioned earlier how one of my love languages is words of affirmation. One of the ways I enjoy that is through compliments. I'm not looking for you to worship the ground I walk on, but being told "You look beautiful" or "When you do xyz, that makes me really happy" makes me feel SO seen and appreciated.
It's incredibly frustrating to send a picture of myself and get a lukewarm response in return. :(
Affection is also super important to me. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, touching... all the cute couple shit. I want you to touch me, not in a pervy way, but in an affectionate way. I want to stroke your hair while I hold you close... little things like that make me incredibly happy.
Keep in mind, everything I want from you, I'll give to you in return. I'll always listen and acknowledge you, give you compliments, shower you in affection, plus whatever else makes you feel wanted and appreciated as a person and in a relationship.
I always want you to have a choice and be able to voice your opinion. I will never degrade or boss you around in general, but especially when it comes to your personal choices. I'm a switch that used to be a predominant sub and believe me, I've had doms tell me before, "I make the decision on what you wear, what to eat, who you hang out with, etc etc... because I'm your dom and what I say goes."
Some people may like that. More power to them. But I'm not like that. I want you to feel free to express yourself. If you want my opinion, I'll give it to you, of course. But my job is to build you up and support your decisions, no matter how small!
Again, I'm not looking for you to kiss my ass. I'd love for you to take the lead on most decisions (with my input, of course). But I want you to also have a "service" attitude; whether that's helping out with household chores or surprising me with a massage after work or giving me flowers "just because" or helping me paint my toenails lol... just to name some examples. The sky's the limit.
That extends to "the bedroom" as well. I want my pleasure to be just as important to you as yours is to me.
In short? I just want to feel doted on and taken care of. I want to be the most important person in your life and you be the most important person in my life. I want to make you feel special and praise you and tell you how much you mean to me. And I want the same in return. 💓
● "KINKS" ●
This is inevitably gonna come up at some point. I'll say when it comes to my "kinks" (if you want to call them that) I like:
Teasing, edging, telling you when you can cum and begging me for it (I believe it's called orgasm control/denial), moaning, praise, blindfolds, eye contact, body worshiping (you and me), breast worship, oral, fingering and using toys on you.
Been a little curious about pegging someone one day. We'd have to build up to it, of course, because I don't want to hurt you. If you're not into that, though, don't worry! It's definitely not a requirement.
Things I do NOT like (or hard limits) are:
Humiliation, degradation, anything that causes you or me physical, emotional and mental harm, blood, pee, scat, vomit, diapers, CNC, ageplay, raceplay, hitting, slapping, choking or anything else illegal, unethical or otherwise unloving.
If you read all of this, good job! Here's a cookie, hope you like chocolate chip. 🍪
Seriously, though, I can't name every little thing I want. Despite the length of this post, I'm not trying to play Build-A-Boy. I realize you have your own caveats and that's totally fine. Let's get to know each other and see what happens. All I ask for, again, is that you want a serious, longterm relationship and not view me as just some sort of "kink dispenser."
Chats or DMs are fine. When you send me a message, please include the following...
• Name or alias • Location • Age • Height, body type, hair cololength, eye color • Your interests/hobbies • Whether you're a sub or a switch • What you're looking for out of a relationship and something (or things) you really enjoyed about my post • A clear, SFW picture of yourself • Your current favorite song (so I know you actually read through all of this) • Whatever else you want to add to catch my attention. The more you can match my "detailed energy," the better.
I won't reply to those who ignore my preferences or the message requirements above. If you send me nudes/dick pics/sexting or FWB requests/rude messages, you will be blocked and reported.
Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you have a good night!
(P.S. I don't use Snap, Kik, Telegram, WhatsApp and whatever else. I use Discord and I only give my cell number out to people that I'm comfy with.)
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2023.06.10 19:00 Future_Vehicle_8307 22 Blue in 2022: 'THE QUICK LIST'

22 Blue in 2022: 'THE LIST'

Build Supermajorities of Democrats in the US House and US Senate

Here’s “22 Blue in 2022: ‘A Quick List’”:
  1. Florida 2. Ohio 3. Kansas 4. North Carolina 5. Kentucky 6. Arizona7. South Carolina 8. Georgia 9. Texas 10. Michigan 11. Nevada 12. Pennsylvania13. Missouri 14. Wisconsin 15. Iowa 16. Arkansas 17. Oklahoma 18. Indiana19. Colorado 20. Alabama 21. South Dakota 22. North Dakota
The 2022 Midterm Election is the most important midterm of our lifetime.Democrats must behave as if our lives depend on this midterm, because our future depends on the outcome.
”We the people” must deny the Republican party political power at every level of government for decades to come “in order to create a more perfect union.” With 48 States having some statewide contest(s), November 8th, 2022 is our best chance the Democrats will get to do that for the rest of this decade, at least.
”The List” encourages the election of a Democratic Supermajority in the US Senate in 2022. This is the best chance we will have to create a Democratic Supermajority in both Chambers of Congress for the remainder of this decade. This midterm could be a devastating loss for the democrats if good patriots ignore this election. If Americans of good conscience band together instead, we could could begin the exile of the Republican party from power, not for years, but for decades to come.
“The List” is a set of suggestions about where to focus collective activism today.
The election of Democratic Supermajorities to both chambers of the US Congress is the best outcome we can strive towards in the 2022 Midterm Election for many reasons. Among them: breaking the decade of gridlock in Congress, supporting President Biden’s agenda, and his re-election in 2024. My personal favorite is that this could commence the decades-long political banishment of the GOP from power, which the Republican Party so richly deserves.
The Republican party has proved itself treasonous on many levels. They are traitors to Humanity by supporting Trump. Traitors to the Nation for supporting Putin. Traitors to the government and betrayers of the constitution through their apologies for the 1/6/21 insurrection. To safeguard our country and the world, we must block the Republicans from power at the ballot box, at all levels of government, for at least a generation.
Political game playing may be inevitable among humans. Change the numbers, and then change the rules, if not the game. Cynical refusal to play at this time in history cedes power to NAZIs manipulated by Active Measures. That is a surrender to crypto fascism, not radical thinking, mere cynicism, or hipsterism.
In 2022, Patriots must unify to crush the Republican Party at the ballot box. We can defeat them in every State, at every level. We need the biggest turnout at the voting booth of any Midterm ever. We need to raise more money for candidates and organizations than we did during the entire 2020 campaign season if we are to accomplish this. We need to do this in the next six months.
This is what a “Blue Tsunami” REALLY looks like.
Electing a Democratic Supermajority in Congress is our hope for the future and retribution for America’s enemies. “22 Blue in 2022” is a roadmap to the beginning of that journey. “22 Blue in 2022” is our war plan. ”22 Blue in 2022” is our electoral battle cry. “22 Blue in 2022” is a way forward out of gridlock, a way to non-violently thwart those who would poison the body politic with their hate.
If we don’t try this hard in 2022, Trump will go unpunished and metastasize by 2024.
Resist In Power, my sisters, my brothers, and my others.
Resist Together, and elect a Congressional Supermajority in 2022!
See The “FULL 22 Bue in 2022 List”, With Dozens more links to the organizations and candidates that you can support to help Create a Democratic Congressional Supermajority in 2022!
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2023.06.10 19:00 SkittishReflections I was Forced to Live a Nightmare

When you're rich enough, you get perks you can only dream of. Literally. But somehow, my paradise turned into hell.
Have you ever had a dream so amazing, you wished you could relive it? Explore it? Relish it? Well, when you're rich enough, you don't have to wish. It's a reality thanks to dream banks. You may have heard of them and their pricy services, which include recording, saving, and projecting dreams.
For example, if you'd like a dream recorded, you can book one of their luxurious suites for the night, where the dream techs will fit you with a special helmet and leave you to rest. The next morning, they'll replay the recorded dream for you via the helmet and ask if you want to shell out the extra bucks to save it. If you don't, they'll delete it and you can pay to book for another time to try again.
If you do decide to save it, you must select an item within the dream that will act as the exit key. (This will come in handy during projections.) While still wearing the helmet, you must touch the item, and the dream techs will label those electric signals as the key.
Afterwards, everything is saved under your name, and you can now relive your dream at any time by booking a suite for three, five, or eight hours. Unlike recordings, during projections, you don't have to wait for sleep to come. After you enjoy a snack of your choice, the helmet is fitted and you're immediately transported to your dream, where you have free will and can enjoy it at your leisure. And if you ever need to leave early, this is when you touch the key, which will shut down the helmet right away.
In my case, the key is the stegosaurus leather rug I have hanging on the wall of my throne room. I never have a reason to touch it otherwise, making it a perfect key. I've also never had to touch it. Experiencing life as an all-powerful, worshipped being who lives on my own planet and hunts dinosaurs in my spare time, I relished my dream to the last second.
Yes, the fees are exorbitant, but at the time, I felt it was worth it. The techs were skilled, the system was sleek, and the dreams were private. Each could only be unlocked by the unique brainwaves of the dreamer.
Or so I thought.
My literal nightmare began when I booked a five-hour projection on a rainy Friday afternoon. After taking a sip of champagne to wash down the cranberry brie bites, I settled into the cool silk sheets with a smile. My usual dream tech smiled back as she fastened my helmet, and the last thing I heard was her wishing me pleasant dreams before I was plunged into darkness.
I waited for the split-second adjustment from reality to the dream world, and my confusion grew when I didn't find myself on my throne surrounded by fawning gods and goddesses.
Instead, I found myself in the middle of an endless street. Alone. There were no cars, no life, not even wind. Towering street lamps lined the sidewalk as far as I could see, arcing over the road and tinting everything an eerie red. Behind them, identical buildings stood side by side, silent, their dark, narrow windows hollow.
My pulse spiking, I whipped around. The other direction was just as endless. Uneasy confusion prickled beneath my skin. This had to be someone else's dream. The techs must have made a mistake. I didn't know how it was possible, but there was no other explanation.
My unease piqued as my situation sank in. I was in a stranger's dream and I didn't know the key. I was stuck here until my five hours ran out. Or until the techs realized their mistake. I was ready to rip them a new one once I was out, but until then, I had no choice but to wait.
I studied my surroundings with a frown before I walked over to the curb and sat down, and that was when I noticed I couldn't feel anything. I also noticed I was naked. It didn't matter. There was no one here, and none of this was real anyway.
Time passed, and I tried to distract myself from my nettled offense by humming, but no sound came out. Sitting up, I took a deep breath and screamed. Not even a squeak was heard. I slapped my hand against the ground. Nothing. This place was like a black hole of the senses.
Sighing, I lay down on my back and stared at the red light above me, wondering if I could fall asleep in a dream. I tried, but the more I wished to escape this silent, crimson prison, the more it seemed to come into focus. Soon, the utter lack of noise and movement grew from slightly unnerving to completely intolerable.
There was no way I could wait. I'd go insane. I had to get out of here. I had to find the key.
Jumping up, I ran to the nearest building and wrenched open the door, and a pitch black void greeted me. I gasped, and gasped again as it felt like my very breath was being suctioned out of my lungs. Panicking, silent wheezes rattled in my chest as I struggled to yank myself out of the vacuum, jerking my limbs and bucking my body until I toppled over backwards on the sidewalk.
Gulping in fitful breaths, I scrambled to my feet and ran down the road without looking back, my wide eyes scanning the horizon for salvation. I just wanted out of here, but the hellish path stretched on forever, making me feel like I was running in place as every identical building and street lamp mocked me. Even my silent stomping and mute panting served to draw insanity closer.
And then, a person showed up.
There, in the distance.
With my hope spurred, I raced towards them, desperate. I didn't care who they were. I needed to break this monotony.
As I got closer, hope morphed to confusion, and then to despair. The person was me. It was a mirror, propped up across the entire street.
Sweat-soaked, I slowed down to a jog before I stopped right in front of my reflection. It was me alright, naked, exhausted, and frustrated. But the eyes, something was off about the eyes. With an anxious frown, I stepped closer, staring into them, and they stared back …
… until they glanced behind me.
I gasped and jumped away, and so did my reflection … before it glanced over my shoulder again.
A chill trickled down my spine. My reflection had nothing behind it but the empty street, so I gulped and turned around, and my mouth fell open in a silent scream as a lovecraftian behemoth barrelled its way towards me. With its slick shell gleaming red beneath the lights, it slammed down one spiny tentacle after the other as its five mouths bared their dripping, concentric fangs.
Drenched in undiluted horror, tremors gripped my body as I stumbled away until my back was against the mirror. I knew death was a foolproof key in a dream, but I didn't know if this creature would kill me right away or leave me to suffer in agony until my five hours were up.
With it only inches away, I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed myself into the mirror, and my stomach flipped as I fell backwards. I opened my mouth to gasp, but there was nothing for me to draw in. Floating in an airless void, I flailed and thrashed, my wild eyes scanning the darkness for answers as I began to spin around.
Although death would free me, one of my greatest fears was suffocating. On one of my weightless rotations, a red, glass cube passed me by, and I grabbed it, hoping it was a breathing device. I brought it close to my face, and I gawked at what it held within.
Surrounded by identical buildings and red street lamps while a lovecraftian behemoth tore me apart.
Horrified, I threw the cube as far as I could and increased my efforts to escape this void. Yet all the flailing and thrashing was for naught as the darkness revealed no end. My eyesight began to go red as my lungs spasmed, and I clawed at my throat as my pulse stuttered in my chest.
The red kept growing and growing until it engulfed my entire vision, and I gave up. There was nothing to do but face my fears and die. With my straining heart lumbering, I let myself go limp as I stared at the red and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
I wasn't dying.
In fact, I could breathe just fine.
Frowning, I opened my eyes, and intense unease spread through my core. Above me, a red moon had taken up the entire sky, each one of its craters crystal clear, like eyes watching me. I turned my head away, and I realized I was in a park, laying down on the grass. Sitting up, I blinked in surprise at the pond right beside me, its opaque water reflecting the moon's red light. Ducks were swimming in a circle across its surface, their movements smooth with nary a splash.
Trees surrounded us, so dense I couldn't tell when one began and the other ended. It was mind-numbingly quiet here as well, and I still couldn't feel anything or make any noise, but at least the ducks were moving. This place seemed more tolerable than the last, and I was willing to wait out my five hours here. I hoped at least an hour had passed already, but with dreams, one never knew. All I knew was that I was too exhausted to search for the key. And too scared. I didn't know whose dream this was, but they had to be masochistic if they saved this nightmare.
Curling up beside the pond, I worked on calming myself down as I watched the ducks swim in their systematic circle over and over and over. I tried counting the rotations the way one would count sheep, but that still didn't lull me to sleep. I wished I'd chosen the three-hour projection, but at least I hadn't chosen the eight-hour one.
Distorted circus music crackled around me and I jolted up, my heart ricocheting in my chest. There was finally sound, but the last thing I wanted to hear was a cliche horror movie soundtrack. Gulping, I looked around. The music was coming from the trees, and my stomach dropped when I spied a shadow behind one of them. Then another. And another. They emerged into the crimson moonlight, and my blood turned to ice.
I whipped around, trembling to the rhythm of my frantic pulse. They were surrounding me. Dozens of them. As classic as any clown could be. Colorful clothes, big shoes, silly hair, exaggerated makeup. I wasn't scared of clowns, as long as they were where they belonged. And they didn't belong here, staring at me with big, empty eyes and yellow, toothy grins.
I tried to convince myself that they weren't dangerous since they didn't have weapons and didn't seem monstrous, but when they took a step closer in unison, I jumped back, nearly falling into the pond. The ducks remained oblivious, still swimming in their circle. The distorted circus music got louder, and my hair stood on end when I saw the grass ripple in front of each clown. They were sending something my way through the ground.
Panicking, I jumped into the pond, and I screamed as I sank right in. There was no bottom. There was no water either. The pond was filled with red, translucent spheres, each the size of a tennis ball. Still able to breathe, I began swimming through the spheres with clumsy breast strokes, just hoping I could end up as far away from the clowns as possible.
After swimming for what felt like enough time, I tried to swim up, until I realized I had no idea which direction I was facing. Remember a trick for those stuck in avalanches, I spat, but my glob of saliva just hovered in front of me. Before panic could set in, I noticed what looked like an office desk floating amidst the spheres in the distance. After blinking a few times to make sure it was really there, I swam towards it, desperate for any change in my situation.
It was an office desk, a wooden one with carved borders and locked drawers. Tucked beneath it was a stool, and the moment I pulled it out and set it under my ass, an office replaced the red spheres.
I grunted as gravity returned, and I looked around in bewilderment at the cluttered bookshelves and grimy floors. Dust was floating everywhere, highlighted by the red light filtering in through the blinds behind me. I jumped as a clock hanging on the wall chimed. Its glass was too dirty for me to tell the time, but I was glad I could hear. I coughed at the dust. And I could make noise. I dusted my hands. And I could feel. I could even smell, which I now wished I couldn't as I wrinkled my nose at the faint stench of rot.
After failing to read the spines of some of the books on the shelves, I studied the shadowy corners of the room. A slack-jawed skeleton hung in the far end, and a faded poster with anatomical diagrams curled off a cupboard. This had to be a doctor's office. Was the creator of this dream a doctor?
A silhouette slid in front of the frosted glass door, and I gulped as the knob began to turn. A hand reached in, gripping the edge one finger at a time, and my heart dropped as I knew this horror cliche was only going to be followed by another. Having no time to think, I slid off the stool and crouched beneath the desk, my hand over my mouth as cobwebs clung to me.
Praying spiders wouldn't swarm me, I peeked through a small slit in the wood, and I froze when an emaciated nurse walked in the room. Layers upon layers of blood coated her scrubs, so much so that I couldn't even tell what color they originally were. She had no shoes. No feet either. Just ankle stubs, and my stomach turned as I heard bone clunk against the tiles.
A surgical mask covered her face, as bloodstained as her scrubs, and grimy lab goggles obscured her eyes. I was grateful, because judging by the pus leaking out of her scabbed, balding scalp, I didn't want to know what her face looked like. The closer she got, the stronger the stench of rot became, and I struggled to keep myself from retching.
She stopped halfway into the room, and I gawked at her hands. They were transforming. Her fingers elongating into razor-edged blades. She then began to hunch over, and I cringed as her spine cracked and popped until she was as bent as a candy cane, her face staring at her pelvis.
As if that wasn't unsettling enough, her head creaked as it spun around 180 degrees, now facing the front, upside down. Right after, her arms shot to the ground, and I watched with increasing dread as she bent them at the elbows and wrists so they flanked her head like distorted T-Rex arms.
She spread her fingers out and took a few more steps towards me, and I held my breath, hoping she couldn't hear my rabid heart or smell my fear. Her ankle bones clicked and clacked against the tiles as she made her way around the desk, and I cowered as my frantic eyes searched for a weapon. I found none, but I did spy a brass button beside my head.
With her legs now an arms distance away, I had nothing to lose as I jammed my thumb into the button. The back of the desk flung open, and I scrambled to my feet and dashed out from my hiding place, screaming in response to the nurse screeching behind me. Bursting through the door, I held up my fists and began punching like a maniac in fearful anticipation of a horde of nurses swarming me.
Except I was no longer in a hospital. I was in an outdoor parking lot. Alone. And judging by the roiling red clouds, a storm was brewing. After a second to collect my bearings, I dove into the closest car, thankful it was unlocked. The moment I slammed the door shut, lightning blinded me as thunder cracked and the downpour began. Sighing in relief, I tried to shake away my adrenaline, but the bloodshot eyes in my rearview mirror reignited my panic.
Before I could react, a belt snapped over my neck, pinning my head back against the headrest. With a frightened wheeze, I clawed at the leather, and I flinched as hot, heavy breath wafted across my ear. Gagging at the putrid smell, I reached over, desperate to scratch my strangler's face or poke their eyes out.
I felt their greasy hair and tried to pull it, but my fingers refused to hold on. I tried again and again, using my nails for purchase, but the strands just kept slipping out of my weak grip. Shifting focus, I tried to claw at their eyes, but it felt as though I was moving through molasses as my hand slid down their face. Once I felt a wet, bulbous eye, I tried to scratch it, but I didn't have enough strength to do anything damage.
My frustration clashed with my terror and I tried to punch them, but my arm swung back in slow motion and merely prodded a stubbly cheek. Tears welled in my eyes as I writhed and gasped, my strangler's laugh adding insult to injury. Despite knowing death will set me free, fear and self-preservation rummaged through my mind, searching for a solution. And they found one.
Hoping I had enough grip and energy, I reached down and found the reclining lever. Wrapping my fingers around it tight, I jerked it up and heaved my body back, and I gulped in a deep breath as I fell backwards, the belt now slack. Not at all prepared to face my attacker, I slipped out from beneath the belt, flung open the door, and zoomed out into the storm.
Sheets of rain obscured my vision, but not enough for me to see that the keys were left inside a red convertible. After making sure no one was hiding in the back, I jumped in, started the engine, and took off, the wheels squealing through the puddles. A sole street curled down a hill, and I took it, adrenaline pumping in waves through my quivering body.
This rush was a confusing mixture of exhilaration and apprehension. I wanted out, but I wasn't giving up. I made it this far, and I was going to survive every cliche this masochist dreamed up. Sharks? Snakes? Zombies? Bring it on. And afterwards, I was going to detail every single trial and tribulation I went through as I sued the dream bank for all the trauma they caused me.
Up ahead, the road curved, and I gasped as it ended in a cliff. I slammed the breaks, but they didn't do anything. Breaking out in a cold sweat, I slammed them again and again as I yanked the hand break as far as it would go. The car refused to slow down, and I cursed myself for not anticipating this cliche. In a move of desperation, I swerved, but it wasn't enough as the car careened over the edge and took me with it.
My heart hung in my throat as I hung on to the steering wheel, my knuckles white, my screams frozen in my lungs, the raindrops like needles. An endless body of water spread below me, and I knew sharks were my next challenge. I screwed my eyes shut as I awaited the inevitable plunge …
… and I gasped as the car crashed against the surface.
I lurched forward, and I cried out as I bashed my forehead against the wheel. Groaning, I leaned back, my ears ringing as I looked around, disoriented. I was still in the convertible, but we were right side up, having crashed into the concrete wall of an indoor garage. Blood trickled down my face and I reached up, only to feel around my head in shock.
I was wearing the helmet.
Why was it in the dream?
Or had I made it out?
I looked down. I wasn't naked. My pyjamas were plastered to my sweat-soaked skin. I was out. I looked around at the broken glass and mangled metal in confusion. But if I was finally out, why was I in a car and not between silk sheets?
I removed the helmet, and a yell from behind made me jump. I turned to see one of the dream techs running towards me. Was she always that skinny? And why were her scrubs red instead of the usual blue?
She made it to me, panting as she took the helmet out of my hands, and I wrinkled my nose at her unpleasant breath. She said I'd had a nightmare and began sleepwalking, and I'd left the dream bank and stole a car from their underground parking before she triggered a wake-up signal in the helmet, which made me crash.
I stared at her, not believing what I was hearing. I told her I'd booked a projection, not a recording, and she gave me a concerned frown and claimed the opposite. Anger replaced my confusion, and I called her a liar and accused them of misconduct, and she reminded me that dreams can only be unlocked by the dreamer.
Furious, I cursed at her as I tried to get out of the car, demanding to see my file. She was quick to tell me not to move in case I made my injuries worse as she pulled out her phone and said she was going to call an ambulance.
While I sat there and waited, fuming, I glimpsed my reflection in the dangling rearview mirror. Unease rippled beneath my skin and I sat up, grabbing the mirror and angling it to show my neck.
There was an angry red mark across it.
As though I was recently strangled.
Trembling, I tilted the mirror up.
Cobwebs. Stuck in my hair.
Dumbstruck in utter stupefaction, I scanned the rest of my body. My pyjamas were dirty and there was black under my fingernails, but the rest of my examination was cut short by tinny circus music. A chill jolted down my spine and I whipped my head to face the dream tech. That was her ringtone. She smiled as she answered the call, and I drew back at her yellow, toothy grin.
What was going on? I was out of the dream, I knew I was. Had everything been real? What had the dream bank done with me? Done to me?
Ambulance sirens wailed as they entered the underground parking, and the flashing red lights reflecting off the walls triggered my recent traumas. With terror-fueled adrenaline flooding my veins, I jerked my legs free of the wreck, jumped out of the car, and booked it, the dream tech's yells merging with the screeching sirens behind me.
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2023.06.10 18:49 Familiar-Letterhead3 Looking for opinions

Delete if not allowed, I'm not a diesel tech but I'm trying to see if there's something I can do myself on my truck. I know just a little about vehicles from what my dad taught me but I know way less about diesel engines. I'm fairly mechanically inclined and am willing to try my hand at some things. A little background and then the issue:
My dad passed away about 3 years ago and one of his vehicles that he owned is a 1999 Ford F-250 super duty, automatic. It is paid off and has low mileage, I know they can run forever and my kid would love to drive his grandpa's truck someday. I have not been good at keeping up with it but I don't want this truck to waste away and I'm in a spot where I can try some things before taking it to a shop. When we last parked it after using it to move some stuff, it had to be limped home because it wouldn't go over like 5mph. So it sat for a few years (I know, I know, please don't come for me). It was definitely dead so recently I replaced the batteries and that got it to start. However when I put it into gear it will not move, doesn't even rev up when I push the gas pedal. Someone suggested a sensor or shifter cable and from there I am lost. I tried searching online a bit but nothing really helpful came up. I can't currently find my code reader so I'm waiting for a friend to lend me theirs. Someone looked at the oil and the diesel fuel and said those smell/look good. I checked the tranny fluid, good there. It needs some brake fluid but I can't imagine that's the main issue for it not moving. I know there's probably water in the diesel tank but that's an easy fix with a bottle of Heet or Power Service.
I'm fully aware that it will most likely need to go to a shop at some point but until then I would like to do whatever I can to look into it myself. If I can just get it to move before taking it in to get the speed/engine issue checked out then I'll be happy. If you have any suggestions on things I can try, even just a YT video showing me how to check something, please reach out. I felt so accomplished even just replacing the batteries, I'd never had to do that myself before because my dad was always there to help.
Thank you for any suggestions you might have!
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2023.06.10 18:34 GenariGame Coining the GenariGame we all play

Welcome to the concept of the GenariGame (Generational Game).
A GenariGame encapsulates the societal script that subtly shapes our norms, systems, and expectations. It's as implicit as the belief that you should work eight hours a day, five days a week, because someone decided it was a good balance... and no one seriously questioned it since. This invisible game, passed down from generation to generation, influences every choice we make, every goal we set, and every challenge we face.
Look around and you'll find that we're all participants in the "Capitalist Carousel," a GenariGame where hard-working individuals find themselves on a continuous loop, often helping to amass wealth for a select few. If this game spins further out of control, we could find ourselves on a "Rental Runway," where escalating costs make home ownership an unreachable dream and push us further into perpetual renting.
There are less pleasant games too, like the "Iron Dictate" or the "Blood Diamond," that remind us of how much worse our GenariGame could become if we let it slip into extreme autocracy or rampant exploitation.
However, keep in mind that the GenariGame isn't something set in stone. It's a fluid concept, shaped by our collective decisions and actions. We're not just pawns; we are the chessmasters, the players with the power to change the game's course.
So, let's think about our next move. Will we let the Capitalist Carousel turn into the Rental Runway, or will we aim for something different? Perhaps a GenariGame like "HarmonyHive" where collective prosperity and cooperation become our new norm? Or maybe even the "EquilibriSphere" that seeks to balance justice, equality, and sustainability?
Remember, even if you ignore this term, the GenariGame will continue. You can choose to ignore it, but that's just part of the game too. Whether you're conscious of it or not, you're always a participant, playing along with the rest of us.
The GenariGame we set in motion now will be the legacy we pass on to the next generation. Our collective decision will shape their future playing field. So, what kind of game do you want to leave behind? Do we want our next GenariGame to be one of competition or cooperation, of exclusivity or inclusivity?
Are you ready to rethink the game? Because whether you want to or not, the game plays on.
What are your ideas or game theories on a new GenariGame we could all play?
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2023.06.10 18:28 AutoModerator Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo - 14 Day Filmmaker (Here)

Chat us on +44 7593880762 (Telegram/Whatsaap) if you are interested in Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker.
Inside Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker you will learn how to:
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- Save Time and Effort: Skip the months of trial and error and get straight to success. No more wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own.
- Affordable Equipment: Discover how we started with a Canon 70d and a $50 lens and still achieved outstanding results. You don't need a massive budget to create amazing videos.
- In-Depth Training: Dive deep into the art of filmmaking as we guide you through the entire process, from shooting to editing and everything in between.
- Master Camera Techniques: Learn how to shoot like a pro, compose captivating shots, and choose the perfect camera settings to bring your vision to life.
- Create Dynamic Movement: Discover techniques for creating fluid and captivating camera movement that adds a cinematic touch to your videos.
- Masterful Storytelling: Harness the power of storytelling to engage your audience and create compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.
- Seamless Editing: Unleash your creativity in the editing room as you learn how to craft polished videos that stand out from the crowd…
… and much more!
You can benefit from the years of experience of Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo. Since 2013, they shot over 200 commercials, generating tens of millions in profit for their clients.
If you are interested in Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker, contact us at:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 44 7593880762 (Telegram: silverlakestoreproducts)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.10 18:24 Same-Customer-7541 power steering fluid leak

hi, i’m not sure how to use this chat but i’m assuming i should have my car model (2006 Honda Accord) it started to make this weird whine/creaking sound whenever i would turn my wheel and then i noticed it got harder to turn so i figured i was just out of fluid, got home put some in and i was good to go. next morning as i pulled out the driveway saw all the fluid just sitting there. i decided to pour more and returned a few minutes later and looked for a leak. at first we assumed it was the accordion pipe looking part but my brother took another look and noticed something else, kind of a severed wire/tube? ( i’ll post a picture if i can )at first i wanted to know if i could just patch it with some glue or if there’s a certain product to use on cars because obviously i don’t want to get charged for something i could fix so simply but now im becoming more concerned. i )could still drive but just have to constantly put power steering fluid in it but at that rate i’d spend more on it than gas) so what’s actually going on with this car
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2023.06.10 18:21 BiggieGees UPDATE: My 1987 Dodge Ramcharger LE aka "Cheyenne" has got new tires and is almost fully ready for the road once again

UPDATE: My 1987 Dodge Ramcharger LE aka
The only major thing left is Replacing power steering pump, steering gear, and lines. Which will be in by next week. Then after that only minor fixes but it's almost roadworthy again.
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2023.06.10 18:14 bearzRchill Reds lineup Saturday 6/10

Reds lineup Saturday 6/10 submitted by bearzRchill to Reds [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:07 dark_hawk Help with a new build.

First, I apologize for the wall of text.
I’ve have been building my own PC for 25 years, but the last one was the i7-4770K platform from 10 years ago, so I’m out of the loop of how things are going. I use the PC for CAD software, some photo and video editing and gaming.
CPU: I’ve been comparing the i7-13700K to the 7900X.
The i7-13700K is slightly faster, has a more mature/stable platform, the down side is that it’s an oven and needs a substantial thermal solution. It’s slightly more expensive, and needs an additional 18USD contact frame, and an additional 10USD for a Retrofit Upgrade Kit for my Corsair AIO.
The 7900X is slightly slower, the platform is buggy and problematic at the moment, the upside is that it has an upgrade future for the platform (which to be honest I don’t care too much about), less heat and more efficient. And the most important thing is that it’s cheaper. Was 361USD on amazon 2 days ago. And won’t need neither a frame nor a retrofit kit.
So, the 7900X seems to be the way to go for now, unless prices change.
Motherboard: After reading here for a bit, the consensuses seem to be:
1- Avoid the ASUS board due to the latest scandal
2- Avoid the Gigabyte boards due to the coil whine.
3- Go with the B650 over X670
Which leaves the ASrock and MSI. I have nothing against ASrock, my 10-year board is an ASrock and it didn’t give me too much grief. So, the ASRock B650E PG RIPTIDE WIFI seems the logical choice, it’s the only board in this price range that has PCI5 on both the PCI and NVME slots, I know that’s not important at the moment, but it’s nice to have. It’s power delivery seems similar to that of X670E boards.
RAM: The cheapest 6000MHZ, preferably CL30 available that is supported by the motherboard, if there is a better criteria for choosing, please add your thoughts. I don’t know if there is a difference between SK Hynix chips vs Samsung memory chips.
Storage: I’m going with either the WD SN850X 1tb or the Samsung 980 Pro. The cheaper I can find at the time of buying.
GPU: I’m going with either the 6700XT or the 6750XT depending on the price. The 3060ti and 3070 with its 8gb is not an attractive option.
Case, PSU, CPU cooler: I’m keeping my 10 years old stuff. The Coolermaster HAFX case looks abysmal by today’s standards, but I like it, and it has a good airflow. With a new front 5.25” USB3.2/Type C panel it will be good enough for me.
The NZXT HALE 90 850 W 80+ Gold is old, but it’s still a 850W capable one, I’m planning to disassemble it sometime in the future and replace all the CAPS with new better ones as a means of prolonging its life.
The Corsair H100i V1 is 10 years old, but 2 years ago I disassembled it, cleaned all the gunk buildup on the plate, and changed the fluid which made its performance like a brand new one. So, I’m planning of doing the same again, if it’s thermal capacity can’t keep up with the new processor, I can always buy a new one.
I need a critical eye to look on these choices, so please roast my choices. Thank you in Advance.
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2023.06.10 18:03 TheCreepyKing These three lights just popped up together on my '13 CRV. I'm 300 miles from my home mechanic. Power steering is fine, everything feels fine. Am I safe to drive this home tomorrow? Only mechanic open locally charges $85 for a vehicle scan and the online reviews are dodgy.

These three lights just popped up together on my '13 CRV. I'm 300 miles from my home mechanic. Power steering is fine, everything feels fine. Am I safe to drive this home tomorrow? Only mechanic open locally charges $85 for a vehicle scan and the online reviews are dodgy. submitted by TheCreepyKing to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:52 EdenReborn Hope isn’t lost

Losing the Passive sucks but I was able to ask August about it on stream (follow it already if you don’t) and he gave some insight.
Basically he deemed that the Passive was unnecessary for the average person who wants to play Zeri and made Zeri more pro skewed when it came to her synergy with enchanters. He decided Zeri players didn’t play Zeri to eat shields as much as they simply wanted to go fast and run n gun. Long term he wants to make it so Zeri is not only less pro skewed but also has power in places the average player can appreciate
When he first designed the Passive he never considered that enchanters could ever be meta in proplay in the first place so he just gave her a cute synergy with enchanters that couldn’t be abused in pro right? This was until the durability update made enchanters more optimal than hard engage which as a result made Zeri even more pro skewed.
I inquired about giving Zeri some MS on the charged Zap and he says if Zeri is weak after this change then buffing her Zap would be a good place to start since it is her new Passive. He also didn’t hate the idea either.
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2023.06.10 17:36 TimberOctopus PSA: How to avoid a bad trip

TL;DR: bad trips are born of resistance to some aspect of the experience. Resist nothing and claim your power. Or resist the experience and condemn yourself to repeat the same patterns of suffering. Accept and grow or resist and suffer. The choice is yours.
It appears to me that there's been a recent upswing in the number of bad trip reports on this sub and on other subs like psychedelics etc.
I think it's great that a lot of people are experimenting for the first time, especially with the intent of emotional and mental healing. However I think it's important that everyone understand a few things before they send it.
If you do any research about the therapeutic use of psychedelics these days you'll find set and setting among the top key words. Set refers to your mindset before, leading into, and during the trip (whether you're feeling uncertain, pressured, excited, angry, depressed, happy, etc). Setting refers to the physical setting you're in leading up to and during the experience (i.e. home, a friend's house, the woods, etc.)
Setting is the easy one to get right here. The most important thing is making sure you're somewhere you feel safe. If it's your first time I recommend at home in bed. I can think of nowhere safer. It's also recommended to have a trip sitter. Someone you know and trust who will remain sober and provide loving support and a gentle hand hold if things get tense. If you don't have anyone that comes to mind for this there are services available that provide a remote service like and
The most important thing is to make sure you feel safe and have someone you feel safe with to communicate with if things get too weird. It's also vital to take measures to ensure your experience isn't interrupted. Guaranteeing privacy is a fundamental prerequisite of guaranteeing safety. You must feel secure in your space.
Lastly it's highly recommended to clean the space your in. Especially if it's your own. A clean and tidy space will work wonders for both setting and set. Clean space, clean mind.
Now lets talk about set or mindset. The word psychedelic literally translates to "mind manifest" meaning that whatever you hold in your mind will manifest into your experience. Your energy sets the tone of the trip.
People trip for all sorts of reasons. To have fun. To get high. To try to understand and heal their depression. To process some emotional difficulty. For spiritual insights. Etc.
Whatever reasons you have, it's best to set an intention. This helps to provide a direction for your trip, a goal. Psychedelics have the power to take you just about anywhere. It's best to have a destination. With experience you'll learn to steer along the way. But it still always helps to have the ship pointed in the direction you'd like to go.
Some standard ones I like when I can't think of a good one are "to identify, process, and release cycles ripe for closure" or "to connect with my authentic self and claim my personal power over my depression/anxiety/compulsion." Or even something as simple as "to experience the mushrooms and enjoy the moment".
No matter what your reasons, it helps to put it into words that sound and feel good to you. It may sound silly but the power of intention is real. And if you don't believe in that stuff that's fine. It still helps to be clear about what you hope to accomplish or experience.
Next is your dose. A good therapeutic dose for people is around ~2g. really anything below 3g and above 1g. there's a known "gray area" of dosing between .2g-~1g. it's important to avoid this dose level as it is the only dose range known to produce far more negative side effects than positive ones. It's known as above threshold or above microdose and below trip or macrodose. Tends to increase confusion and anxiety with little to no beneficial effects.
Here's a link to a description of the kinds of trips to be had at different levels and dosing.
If you're feeling overwhelmed or overly anxious before dosing it's recommended to wait until you're feeling more ready. Only you can know this. Some people find it helpful to ask the mushroom if you can eat it before dosing. The answer will come as a feeling, either yes or no.
Once you've decided on your setting and dose. And you have an intention that feels good to you. You're feeling confident and optimistic or at the very least determined to give it your best shot, it's okay to move forward into the trip.
The number one most important thing to remember when on psychedelics is RESIST NOTHING.
All bad trips are born of resistance. More often than not, psychedelics bring us face to face with our traumas. With our demons. The purpose of this encounter is to always gain power and understanding over our traumas. We must contront them with compassion. As you would a child with a scraped knee--suffering and ingnorant. Certain that their temporary discomfort is permanent.--
If you remember nothing else, remember to say yes to it. Lean into it. If you run or flee or deny or hide or push away or in any way attempt to reject or invalidate some unpleasant experience, it will only intensify and darken. In some extreme cases it can even lead to a new traumatic event. This is the most important part of my little rant here. RESIST NOTHING or you condemn yourself to the continuation and intensification of the very cycles you come here to close.
The only way to break these mental/behavior patterns is by confronting them and standing your ground. We can only gain power over them through acceptance. When we accept the unpleasant and the painful we see that they have no power over us. Acceptance is the path to liberation. To freedom. To authentic power. Power of the Self.
In this way we are able to honor our past experiences. Oftentimes this leads to the realization that our traumas lead us to healing. They gave us the determination to grow. To love. They birthed in us the determination we needed to seek something better than the pain we sought to end.
If things get challenging it helps to return to your breathing. Breathe slow and deep. Feel the breath in your body. Feel it flow. Feel the peace of it. Drink the peace of your breathing.
Remember that the mushrooms will never present you with something you are not strong enough to experience or capable of confronting. Have faith in knowing that courage is a decision. All we need to do is say yes to the experience. Acceptance leads to embrace. And embrace leads to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm leads to love.
And somewhere beneath all of this is peace. The peace of which there is no opposite. The peace of god. And it can only be attained through acceptance. By surrendering our resistance to the experience. It may be a little uncomfortable at first. But soon you will feel empowered. And that power is your own power. Your true power. If your intention was to heal, it's what you came to find. What you came to cultivate. The voice you came to hear. It's the you you always knew you were just never knew how to be. It's been you all along.
Other than that I tell people to follow the 3 rules:
  1. The walls aren't melting/the trees aren't out to get you.
  2. You cannot fly.
  3. Cars are real.
Enjoy ✌️
Happy healing my fellow seekers. May you find the power and the peace that you seek.
Mush love fam 🤙🤙
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2023.06.10 17:21 SnooSketches2163 Is this a good build?

Is this a good build? submitted by SnooSketches2163 to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:13 Wan_Haole_Faka Storing a motorcycle in public overnight

Happy Saturday everyone!
Potential new rider here. My initial motivation for considering a motorcycle is purely financial, although I'm sure I'll also greatly enjoy it!
There's a lot of things going on in my life right now. I'm trying to move out of my family's house in order to get to a larger city for opportunities with a better company I wish to work for. I drive an older car that's paid off and currently with my mechanic getting the ignition switch and power steering pump replaced. It's in good shape but has 248,000 miles on it.
I desperately need to get in with a better company that invests in their employees and I don't want to miss work due to issues with transportation. I have some savings, but don't think another used car at $15-17 K is a good investment at this point. I'll just prepare for buying a 2-4 year old car at the moment when it's imminent. I have decent credit, but don't want to finance a car because I may need a potential landlord to run a hard credit inquiry soon. Hence, I'm in a position where I'm willing to pay $4-6K for a gently used motorcycle (probably sport touring to carry some hand tools and other things for work/play).
They have a great beginner riding course near me where the bikes are provided, so I'm not worried about learning. I think my main concern is how to store any bike I end up buying. I could end up renting a room or one bedroom with no garage and no storage. I've had to park my car on the street before and it's never been a problem, but what about with a motorcycle?
If you do so or were in a situation where you needed to park your bike on the street, what precautions would you take? There are only about three that I can think of as someone who's never ridden before:
  1. Any sort of rear wheel lock (chain with padlock or steel bar)
  2. Hidden GPS transmitter (I think Milwaukee makes a good one, I don't currently own any apple devices)
  3. A simple elastic cover for elemental protection (perhaps with reflective fabric)
Is there anything you would add or do differently? As I mentioned, I'm new to all this and greatly appreciate any tips you may have.
Thanks and have a great weekend!
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